IKU – Vegan Foods

IKU - Vegan Foods

In September, I decided I would trial a month of being vegan. From being possibly the world’s most enthusiastic carnivore, I became a slightly less enthusiastic pescetarian for several months (to the chorus of but fish are animals too! Yes I realised that…), to an even less enthusiastic wannabe vegan.

This was going to be difficult. Or so I imagined. I fortunately do not have a sweet tooth, unless of course you count my penchant for drinking litres of Coca Cola a day, which I don’t because I like to tell myself Coke is the all natural elixir of life or the new black gold, and so wasn’t overly worried about finding alternatives for milk and eggs. I also have never been terribly fond of cheese so didn’t stress too much about cutting this out either. I say all this while omitting to mention that though I’m not majorly into sweet treats such as chocolate or into dairy, I am a grazer and will eat anything if in sight out of sheer boredom or convenience or procrastination from study.

I was more concerned about eliminating seafood from my diet. I am fanatical about oysters and I firmly believe they are a staple food. Then I discovered Iku. Hallelujah! I should probably also mention here I am incredibly lazy during my precious work lunch hours – I do prefer “allergic to exercise”, and so I want something that is easily accessible and also something that takes out the guesswork. Even in the short time I was a vegan, the many precious hours I wasted of my life that I will never regain, on asking with repeated frustration if a meal / product was vegan to befuddled food servers / customer service staff, led me to realise that finding food or products that were labelled as vegan was so much simpler. And safer for said food servers and customer service staff.

One might ask why I didn’t cook myself vegan meals. Come round to my house and I’ll prepare a meal for you and the question will answer itself.

But I digress. Iku. Manna from heaven. Their menu is as diverse as it is delicious from my favourite lasagnes and the best rice paper rolls possibly ever made – the chilli sauce is a must have accompaniment, to nori rolls, soups, casseroles, salads and the yet to be tried macroburger. There are even yummy breakfast dishes, desserts and baked treats for those who do like breakfast and do have a sweet tooth.

Not only is Iku vegan and a winner of a Highly Commended Vegan of the Year Award at the Vegan Awards (read more here – http://vegansarecool.com/awards/), but Iku is also dairy free, additive free, preservative free and Kosher certified. Some items on the menu are also wheat free and gluten free.

The transition to becoming vegan was so seamless with Iku that I have no qualms about converting to becoming a fully fledged vegan by 2013.

Those that now have their curiosity piqued and taste buds salivating, can find more on Iku including store locations for lazy lunches, on Iku’s website – http://www.iku.com.au.

Please feel free to share your favourite vegan food haunts!

XX Donna


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