Kora Organics


I am presently in love with Kora Organics. Miranda Kerr’s range of certified organic and almost entirely vegan skincare products (the lip balm contains organic beeswax) are not only cruelty free, Australian made and owned but they are also aesthetically pleasing. The latter which I unabashedly can admit is quite important to me.

The products contain ingredients such as:

– Noni, the key ingredient which is touted as a powerful macro nutrient and antioxidant which can ward off environmental damage, boost energy and improve the skin’s appearance;

– Rose Hip Oil which is high in Vitamin C and contains 80 per cent essential fatty acids. This is said to help repair skin and reduce skin damage including sun damage and acne scars and is also said to potentially minimise the symptoms of eczema and dry skin;

– Vitamins A, C and E Complex;

– Vitamin E;

– Macrobiotic salts from the Pacific Ocean, Australia; and

– Rose quartz crystal energised water (for the hippy in all of us!) which is believed to have heart healing properties with a “soothing energy”.

My personal favourites are the Rose Hip Oil and the Hydrating Day and Night cream. My skin often becomes dull and lacklustre and extremely dry in the cooler months especially as I have rather a propensity for hot showers and heaters (although strangely not a propensity for warm clothing), and since using these products my skin has become clearer, plumper and absolutely more hydrated.

Make up sits more smoothly on the skin and there have been little to no break outs with these products – it is actually when I stop using these products during my times of exam stress where beauty routines tend to go by the wayside, that break outs occur.

For someone with such sensitive skin that dislikes even skincare designed for those with serious skin conditions, finding skincare products that my skin responds positively to is of itself a discovery of alchemical magnitude, but finding skincare that is Australian made and owned, certified organic, cruelty free (no animal testing) and vegan?

This is beauty alchemy + Holy Grail.

But more importantly, these products represent a lifestyle overhaul. The Kora Organics products are designed to be part and parcel of healthy living – The Kora Organics blog shares tips on achieving a healthy body through clean eating recipes, and a healthy mind and spirit though positive affirmations, yoga and meditation and fosters a community who help each other to achieves these goals.

I hope the giant skincare and cosmeceutical companies take note of the message that Kora Organics is sending – it is unnecessary to test on animals or to use animal ingredients in creating high quality and high performing beauty products.

Exploiting animals should not be the price one pays to look beautiful.

XX Donna


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