Funny Animal Comic # 1

There are some hilarious animal comics I’d love to share with you.

First up on the funny animal comic line up is “the dog paradox” courtesy of

This is something I think all dog owners and / or dog lovers will appreciate. I never really thought much on it before, and undoubtedly not many people have ruminated over this, but wtf does my dog not like vegetables but loves his own vomit?!!! Now that the comic has caused me to dwell on this, I’m reassured to know my dog is not a furry little freak but is just your typical confused canine.

Albeit a much much cuter than average canine. Will post pics up later to demonstrate said cuteness. Also, unlike the protagonist dog in this comic, my dog is immortal and will never die. Ever.

So my dog is just like your average dog except with model dog genes and eternal life. And is also a genius too. Of course.

With that, I realised that my shared attributes of model good looks (modestly, I admit I’m ravishingly beautiful), an ability to live not like each day is my last but to live like each last day (I seem to fear change), and my exceptional intelligence (this could be true) have also not prevented me from going down a path of running after things I shouldn’t, (dry) humping people I shouldn’t, apologising to people who hurt me, having issues of slight (extreme) clinginess all while also being ball-less (though this is probably a good thing as I’m female) and constantly quivering with excitement over well, everything.

With that I hold on with sweet relief to the knowledge, that at the very least, however “paradoxical” my life may be, I do prefer my vegetables to vomit. And I don’t lick my nether regions. 

I outsource. 

Enjoy the comic!

 xx Donna



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