Armin Hot Spot

This is a blog about animals. Promoting animal rights, providing a voice for the voiceless, uniting people together in a quest to create an animal utopia. This is an important blog. 

However……I really, and I mean, reallllllyyyyyyyy love Armin Van Buuren. So does Mia. So I figured, what could be more appropriate and relevant to a blog about animals than occasional posts on the world’s best and hottest trance DJ? 

I will make feeble attempts here and there to connect any such posts on Armin Van Buuren to a topic of animal empowerment, and by that I mean I will probably make half hearted attempts to find just even a loose connection to the subject of animals, and by that I mean I will most certainly just randomly post pictures of Armin in his all various poses of man god glory. Pictures that have no nexus whatsoever, even in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon separation’ esque kinda way to any animal or any animal topic of any kind. 

But I remain confident that visual imagery of Armin must have some previously unthought of benefits for animals? I’ll bet no one else has considered before how much the ladies of the animal kingdom would appreciate a bit of Armin eye candy to feast their eyes on now and again right? Absolutely. 

So without further ado, enjoy the first Armin Van Buuren Hot Spot!




Armin teaching the man bear how to pick up the lady bears with sweet, sweet trance music.

Photo is courtesy of ASOT 600 Sydney – well this is where I sourced the pic from anyway!


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