Live below the line



In September of 2012 as discussed in an earlier post, I decided to go vegan. I was extremely smug afterwards as I more or less successfully stuck to my vegan diet and proudly boasted of how I would undoubtedly become a fully fledged vegan come 2013.


The reality has shall I say, differed somewhat, from my rose coloured vegan trial afterglow. I didn’t just revert back to being a pescetarian but spiralled into a meat eating frenzy where everything was fair game. Pun intended. 

After being kindly (not so kindly) told in various ways by my loving brother in law and brother that I perhaps could do with losing a little…or a lot of weight and being presented with sad confirmation of the validity of their advice this morning due to my inability to fit into my once loose clothing, I realised it was time to quit putting food away like I was preparing for a winter long hibernation and to start appreciating what it is I actually eat.

As a vegan, you naturally consume more fruits and vegetables and through eliminating dairy and a lot of processed foods – as I used to eat take away and frozen meals all the time and couldn’t do so when vegan for the most part, I consequently lost a substantial amount of weight.

Then serendipitously, I came across an email today asking me to sign up for ‘Live below the line’. 

This is essentially a fundraising campaign run by the Oaktree Foundation to encourage participants to eat for $2 and under a day to experience what it is like to live on the poverty line. 

What does this have to do with my wanna be vegan status and too curvaceous bod you ask? Well, I figure that committing to this campaign will:

1) Allow me to once more become conscious of what it is that I am actually eating and to be more appreciative of my food + money;

2) Try to find vegan only options during this week (or at the very least, vegetarian – hey it’s called live not starve below the poverty line!!!);

3) Be appreciative of the value of fresh foods and clean eating as I will likely only be able to indulge in processed foods – 2 minute noodles anyone – due to the cost of fresh produce and remember that things I take for granted  as being small, such as being able to eat when I want or drink when I want are far more important than obsessing about my weight or appearance. 

I would definitely like to take better care of my body but I want to do it while prioritising my reasons for doing so.

In addition to the reasons above:

– learning more about the pricing of foods including raised awareness of pricing of foods in other countries especially the less privileged countries;

– farming practices including sustainability and environmental impact – I want to know my eco footprint;

– learn to cook with a clean eating, vegan diet in mind; and

– eat right to take better care of my mind + my active lifestyle.

The above reasons are in no real specific order, however eating well to obtain a more desirable physique will always come last.

For me, beauty starts from the inside out and I truly do believe that caring about my fellow humans + animals will make me and anyone else a far more beautiful person than being careful with one’s diet to have a better figure. 

I will post what I eat each day in May with trial days leading up to the big week, and recipes where I actually cook. Though my cooking is highly unlikely on such a thrifty budget, seeing as I would actually like to be able to eat!

xx Donna


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